On February 3, 2024, PTC held a year-end party at Viet Thai Group headquarters with the participation of all PTC employees in the southern region and member units of the group.

At the party, the PTC team had the opportunity to look back on the development process of 2023, the work, achievements that have been achieved as well as the emotions accumulated in the journey of the past year. All of this is motivation to look forward to a new year with many plans and goals set.

Some memorable images from the 2023 year-end party:

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang (CEO) spoke at the 2023 Summary Conference

Chairman of Viet Thai Group Tran Duc Tuan Grateful to employees for their dedication in 2023

Ms. Tran Thi Thu Hang awarded the 2023 Good Employee Award

PTC staff received Tet Giap Thin gifts

PTC group check-in before the party

The Board of Directors of Viet Thai Group and member companies raised their glasses to break up the party

The PTC collective performed a top song performance

PTC at Nghi Son branch organized the 2023 Year End Party


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