Joining the Christmas atmosphere everywhere, on December 23, 2023, Phu Thai Chemical Joint Stock Company (PTC) organized a Christmas party for all employees with many interesting activities.

December has a lot of busy and bustling production and business activities throughout the branches, but with the attention of the Board of Directors, the PTC team had a Christmas with a warm space and many dishes. Unique, meaningful gifts, endless smiles and especially moments when people are more connected and connected.

Some pictures of New Year 2023 at PTC:

One day before, each employee prepares a gift of their choice that is carefully wrapped and then placed under the Christmas tree. This gift is given to everyone randomly in the form of a “lucky draw”. Many unique and interesting gifts brought smiles to everyone.

Company members choose red – blue “Dress code” to decorate the Christmas atmosphere to become bright and fresh.

The PTC group took souvenir photos in brilliant red and blue colors

There are many interesting and meaningful gifts that bring joy to everyone

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