Time is gradually passing towards the end of the year, everyone and every business is busy to complete the goals set in the past year as well as prepare production and business plans for the upcoming new year.

December this year for Phu Thai Chemical Joint Stock Company (PTC) is very special with many notable activities, from welcoming the second imported Toluene ship or continuing to export cassava starch shipments, but especially What is most special is the outstanding event – Within 1 week, 2 ships of wood chips were exported at Nghi Son and Phu My.

Exporting wood chips at Nghi Son

From December 13, 2023, personnel at Nghi Son branch will carry out work for the year-end export of wood chips. By December 15, with the determination and efforts of the whole team, the ship export plan was completed smoothly and exceeded the set plan:

Exporting wood chips at Nghi Son branch

Wood chips are one of PTC’s key business lines, that’s why Phu Thai has built branches in input material areas, strictly controlling quality to ensure stable product volume and meet customer demand. customer standards.

Wood chip yard at Nghi Son branch

Exporting the first wood chip ship in Phu My

For the first time exporting ships at Phu My branch, PTC mobilized experienced personnel from Nghi Son branch to combine with personnel in Phu My to carry out ship export work.

Trucks carrying wood chips gather at Phu My beach

After only 3 days of implementation, by December 23, 2023, the PTC Board of Directors and staff successfully completed the proposed wood chip export plan. A series of records were set from purchasing speed, shipping time, and number of imported and exported vehicles up to 350 containers and trucks/day.

With strict input quality inspection, a closed production process and an experienced team, in the coming time, PTC will continue to make efforts to assert its brand in the wood chip export market in the coming time. domestic and international.

PTC staff congratulates the first wood chip export shipment in Phu My

Exporting wood chips in Phu My

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