After many efforts, Nghi Son Branch marked a brilliant month by exporting 3 ships of wood chips this May. Especially the operation of the first large ship named BG Brilliance from May 24 to May 27, with a total weight of more than 18,000 BDMT. “Brilliance” translates to “Brilliant”, and the BG Brilliance ship is exactly a brilliant journey carrying PTC’s golden streams reaching out to the ocean.

This ship export marks the mark of a conveyor belt connecting directly from the chip yard to the ship. This is a demonstration of the determination to dare to think and do things of the Board of Directors and Nghi Son team, demonstrating the difference of Phu Thai – that is the investment and commitment to long-term sustainable development of Nghi Son branch in particular and Phu Thai in general.

With the continuous improvement and efforts of the whole team, Nghi Son Branch has set a record for loading goods with a quantity of up to 20,000 GMT/day.

On May 28, 2024, right after the end of the operation of the BG Brilliance ship, Nghi Son Branch was pleased to receive the Award of Merit from the General Director to the Executive Director and the Branch’s staff. Nghi Son has successfully completed the task by successfully exporting 03 ships in May 2024 with a total volume of up to 55,000 GMT.
This award is not only a recognition of the great contributions of the staff of Nghi Son Branch but also a motivation for Nghi Son Branch in particular and Phu Thai in general to continue to strive and achieve many things. more successful in the future. Congratulations to all staff of Nghi Son Branch! Wishing you all continue to maintain your spirit and enthusiasm, bringing many excellent achievements to the company in the coming time.