Phu Thai Global Corporation – a member of Viet Thai Group – operates in the field of multi-sector Manufacturing and Trading. In order to meet the needs of customers, we are constantly trying to expand the scale and types of goods to complete the supply chain of raw materials for customers.

We connect important resources in a systematic, methodical and responsible way; from suppliers, infrastructure, logistics, finance, to customers. All in a cohesive, closed, transparent and trusted supply chain.

With 5 core business sectors: chemical industry, wood industry, agriculture,energy industry and logistics, our goal is to become a leading multi-sector Manufacturing and Trading company in the country and in the Asia region. With a strategic location and infrastructure stretching across Vietnam and Asia, the advantage of internationally experienced human resources, and a logistics network at home and abroad, we are ready to access markets worldwide to expand the company’s market share, with a focus on sustainable and long-term development.