Team building is an annual event at Phu Thai Chemicals. This is an opportunity to connect members between departments as well as enhance solidarity, dispel work pressures to regain the spirit of preparation for a new journey.

On March 15-17, 2024, PTC organized an exciting team building program for all employees with the theme “Reaching beyond” in the coastal city of Nha Trang. Here, group activities and exciting games made all members extremely excited and enthusiastic, fully energized for upcoming goals.

On the morning of March 15, the group moved from Ho Chi Minh City to check-in at Giang Dien waterfall – Dong Nai

At Giang Dien waterfall – Dong Nai, teams participated in Warm-up games such as posing for group photos, archery and team dancing:

After a night of free play in the city. Nha Trang, on the morning of March 16, the group moved to Hon Tre island, had fun and experienced at Vin Wonder Nha Trang.

Team “Golden Bee” check-in at the pier to Hon Tre island

On the same afternoon, the group had an extremely exciting and fun time playing games on the beach. Each game and challenge is resolved by the members through skillful coordination, mutual support and protection. Opening the team building program at the beach, members together formed a circle around the group logo and formed the letters VTG on the white sand of Hon Tre Island:

Following the program, there were many extremely exciting games that all members responded to, the teams all united to overcome the challenges:

Also on the evening of March 16, the 2024 team building program continued with the Gala Dinner “Convergence to Shine”, where the teams performed musical performances that were well-invested and elaborately prepared in advance:

The “Hon Thua” team with their animated performance combined with singing and dancing was extremely interesting

The “Ca Voi Xanh” team performed an impressive and profound dance performance

Team “Golden Bee” performed an extremely exciting modern mashup dance performance

“Team Xanh la” surprised everyone in the hall with comedy and singing performances combined with recycled fashion shows.

The Gala Dinner ended with excited cheers from all members. This is an opportunity for each member to show off their personality and talent in front of familiar colleagues

On the morning of March 17, the group checked out and left Hon Tre island, continuing to move to the mainland to learn about the bird’s nest exploitation profession and have lunch at Mai Sinh bird’s nest village, ending the Team building 2024 journey 3 days 2 nights full of memories and lots of fun.